From Swine Flu to Radio One

2009 was a remarkable year for all of us at Sloane Medical Practice, with Swine Flu making all the headlines and keeping us on our toes. We’re pleased to report our success in managing our patients through the pandemic with rapid assessment and treatment and we were the first private practice in London to offer the Swine Flu vaccination. Our very own Dr McIver became a familiar and reassuring voice on Radio One’s Newsbeat programme, where he offered expert advice and opinion on everything from swine flu to cervical cancer vaccination to Michael Jackson’s death.

Prospekt Clinic, under the medical direction of Dr Robert Hancock, continued its growth in Central Asia. Meanwhile, a new clinic is due to open in Atyrau, with a third one planed for Aktau. Amongst all this, Dr Hancock has managed to stabilise his travel arrangements, enabling him to spend more time with our patients here in London.

We have continued to develop links with the London medical community whilst keeping up to date with the latest advances in healthcare. Dr Andrew McIver and Dr Sabrina Pao both set off for Portugal for The Independent Doctors’ Federation in Lisbon. Closer to home, they both attended specialist clinics including ENT and gynaecology respectively. We also visited the lab at The Doctor’s Laboratory to see the highly sophisticated pathology tests in action. Our team were regular attendees at hospital breakfast seminars and Gilda Kelly became a member of the Lister Hospital ’Patient Participation Forum’. Katie Killick has embarked on a course in advanced business administration whilst both Gilda and Katie were trained as fire wardens. Every member of our team was updated in Basic Life Support.

The practice itself continued to develop and improve its offering for patients throughout 2009. The feedback for our new team approach has been overwhelmingly positive, with patients enjoying the option to see different doctors for different aspects of their health care. Meanwhile Dr Alessia Ciani, Consultant Psychiatrist, joined the practice on a part time basis with Roberta Richardson, a Clinial Psychologist. Roberta specialises in family issues including eating disorders and ADHD.

We’ve teamed up with City Diagnostic to offer in house 24 hour ambulatory Blood pressure monitoring, enabling us to provide more in house cardiology investigation. Andrew and Sabrina have been on the Night Doctor rota for over a year and are happy that this provides the best possible out of hours care for our patients.

Our website,, was launched last year and has been a great success with over 100 new patients registering via the site. We are hoping to make even more use of it in 2010 and will continue to update the site with latest news and anything we think our patients should be aware of. Watch this space!

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