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As 95% of Britains decide to lose weight in January, our duty is to tell you that if you are one of them, please consider a healthy way of losing weight.

Over 90% of people dieting end up gaining more weight than what they had at the beginning of their diet.

Our solution can help you with your weight loss resolution. We have teamed up with PronoKal ( to put a multi-disciplinary team of professionals (doctor, dietitian, personal trainer and life coach) at your disposition.

Our team will mentor you in one-on-one consultations throughout your weight loss journey and to help you maintain your weight you will receive 2 years of ongoing support from the Dietitians free of charge.

You can book your 1 hour PronoKal appointment with either Dr Sabrina Pao or Dr Nicola Wheal by calling us on 020 7235 3002.

And if this isn’t enough incentive to lose weight in 2013, then please click on this link to see real results in a local plastic surgeon:

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