Bowel Cancer Screening

We recommend screening for colorectal cancer, beginning at 50 years old. This is considerably different to the NHS that screens from age 65 onwards. 

Following an assessment and discussion, we can arrange either Colonoscopy or CT Colonography. The NHS is currently using stool tests, and in some places sigmoidoscopy.

Sloane Medical Practice has based our recommendations on the guidelines from the USA Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC.)

For colonoscopy, we have excellent links with the purpose build endoscopy suite at The London Clinic and their Consultant Gastroenterologists, specialised in screening.

We work with Dr David Burling and his team at London Radiology for our CT Colonography service.

If you would like to discuss referral for these services please make an appointment to one of our Doctors by calling Sloane Medical Practice on 020 7235 3002

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